Ultimate Guide: Secrets to Mastering Your Facebook Ad Targeting Strategy

When you need to expand & distribute your items to a wide range of people, Facebook advertisements can be an incredible & a cost-effective tool.
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Do you know, 1.45 billion people log onto Facebook every day?

When you need to expand & distribute your items to a wide range of people, Facebook advertisements can be an incredible & a cost-effective tool.

Facebook has a very advanced targeting system that assists you to track down your potential client without wasting any time.

The way to Facebook marketing success can be summarized as: “Show the right message to the right people.”

When you’re finished with this section, you’ll know how to:

  • Design your ads like a pro.
  • Target your ads like an expert.
  • How to set up effective A/B testing.
  • Analyse test results to be able to optimise your Facebook campaign.

Facebook Ad Campaign Goals

Apart from presenting an item, an incredible message makes an association with your imminent client & exhibits how your item may assist with addressing their problem(s), reach their objectives, & make their life more joyful & more comfortable.

Great ads likewise regularly bring out feelings & emotions.
It very well might be valuable to point out, if you are composing an advertisement to market a laptop bag.

  • How this bag can protect the expensive laptop
  • How comfortable it is and/or how luxurious the finish feels to the touch.

To track down the most practical approaches to drive leads & sales, Facebook furnishes organizations with a chance to test a wide variety of targeting types.

These focusing on alternatives can be comprehensively seperated into 2 classifications:

1. Cold Traffic
2. Retargeted Traffic

How about we investigate each.

1. Cold Traffic

These are individuals who don’t know about your product or brand & have never been to your site.

Marketing to this audience assists you with expanding your brand awareness & acknowledgment.

Facebook permits you to target people based on the following:

  • Interests & Brands – pages, events, business users follow (for example target people who like “Facebook               Business page”).
  • Live events & some profile status – for example people who are recently engaged with or have kids.
  • Age & gender.
  • People at a particular area – from a whole continent down to a 1 mile range.
  • People who communicate in a specific language.
  • Lookalike Audiences – Lookalike audience are a valuable sort of targeting where you can demand Facebook         to serve ads to peoples who are similar to an audience you provide.

For instance, you can undoubtedly download the mails of your past clients from your BigCommerce website & afterward upload them to Facebook.

Then upload them to Facebook by using the “Create a Lookalike Audience” feature.

After this that list can be utilized to make a look alike audience of comparative people in your country that you can market to.

You can get familiar with Lookalike audience, as well as detailed explanation on the most proficient method to make one here.

2. Retargeted Traffic.

These are individuals who visited your site as well as interacted with your brand.

This includes:

  • Website visitors, including people who visited specific pages.
  • Facebook video viewers.
  • People who drew in with any of your natural posts or ads.
  • Facebook page likes.
  • A custom list that you upload to Facebook, for instance people who signed up to your newsletter.

Showing visitors these ads help them to remember items they have visited on your site.

You don’t need to made individual ads however promote every one of your product if your ads are conventional ads referring to your different products, or they can be dynamic ads.

BigCommerce permits you to viably connect your store’s stock with Facebook so you can create dynamic campaign ads.


Audiences and Levels of Awareness

Above all else, we should discuss two mystery marketing superpowers: empathy & realistic expectations.

We anticipate something of this ad campaign (sales, perspectives, comments) as well. Each time we make an ad campaign, we requests that the planned client make a particular move.

To set up measurable & realistic objective & expectations for your campaign & your expected client is critical.

This is the place where empathy becomes possibly the most important factor.

Envision being approached by a complete stranger on a road & requested to put $1,000 dollars in another long lasting charging battery for your iPhone.

This example is outrageous; however it represents the circumstance well indeed.

We should pull it apart.

  • You might not have an iPhone regardless.
  • You may not break your iPhone warrantee & alter the gadget to introduce the battery.
  • But in particular – you don’t believe the merchant enough to give them your well deserved money as well as            you don’t have the foggiest idea about the product.

Consequently, the achievement pace of this business explore is likely zero.

However, organizations market to their potential clients like this constantly. This is the standard model of advertising that TV, radio & print ads use, usually known as “spray and pray.”

Let’s look at another example.

A delegate of a foundation approaches you on the street & says, “Ma’am, I see you are baby formula home from a grocery store. Do you realize that large number of kids in America actually experiences the ill effects of hunger? What’s more, giving just $10 this month can help a child in need today.”

Here are the means by which this breaks down:

  • This delegate perceived who you are – they recognize your novel condition & consider you as an individual.
  • They make the issue relatable to you.
  • They give an answer for the issue. Essentially, an answer that is realistic, achievable & moderate for you.

In light of the fact that the correct audience was focused on, this campaign will be more successful & convey a greater number of sales or promises than the one describes above.

A fruitful Facebook campaign is planned in the very same manner.

In the first place, by focusing on the correct people, second by recognizing & interfacing with them & third, giving them a realistic call to action.


It’s essential to specify that cold traffic campaigns can easily be beaten by retargeting campaigns.

To present your product & make trust is the essential objective of cold traffic campaign.

At that point you utilize a retargeting campaign to move into more “immediate sales” style ads.

Targeting: Who to Address and What to Ask

Considering different targeting options, we should inspect this idea.

Cold Traffic “Who’s & What’s.”

Above all else, we need to remember that cold traffic audience doesn’t know about your brand or product.

Moreover, they may not know that your solution for their concern exists.
This implies that you should focus on clarity & descriptiveness in the ads targeting cold traffic.

Here are a couple of approaches to make clear ad copy:

  • Create lists exhibit the advantages or potential highlights of your product or service.
  • Make sure that the title of the ad is clear & short enough to fit in the mobile feed.
  • Prioritize instruction & awareness about your product “hard sell.”
  • Use banners or videos to unmistakably show your product.
  • Call out who the item is intended for example “calling every aspiring chefs,” “as a busy mom,” and so on.


Exploit specific targeting. It very well may be acceptable to test ads that incorporates something like “CrossFit box basics,” “ideal for your favorite CrossFit WOD,” etc, if you are a functioning wear brand targeting on CrossFit fans.

Warm Traffic “Who’s & What’s.”

Retargeting traffic requires less schooling.

This audience definitely knows your brand & your item. What they truly need is a “good excuse” to purchase.

This “excuse” can be:

  • Discount codes and flash sales.
  • Featuring a particular item in your collection. Pro Tip: Carousel ads can be extraordinary for including things.
  • Sharing a convincing testimonial.
  • Limited editions & last chance offers.

Here’s how you run each campaign type, now that you know the difference between cold traffic & warm traffic.

Cold Traffic Campaigns

Demographic Targeting.


You can target individuals in specific countries, states, urban areas, or even rural areas.

You can likewise prohibit individuals from specific areas.

You will reach fewer individuals if you select smaller territory which may influence your campaign performance. So, remember the size of your possible audience.

Age, Language and Gender.

This is a lovely direct alternative.

Since you need to permit Facebook some adaptability to track down your optimal customer. Ensure that you pick a relevant age section. The trick here is to try not to keep the age range too limited.

For instance, if your optimal customer is in their 30s, set up 20-50 years of age as an age section.

Detailed targeting.
You can target clients by demographics, interests, behavior, & different classifications characterized by Facebook.

Demographic targeting can be amazingly helpful for event-based items & services.

For instance, a wedding flower specialist can focus on all “Engaged” individuals in their general vicinity.

Just click “Browse” in your Ads Manager to look through every one of the accessible options.


In thinking of new targeting ideas, the Audience Insights tool can assist you. Click on “Custom audience” & pick any of your audience you wish to cross-reference.

You can likewise pick “Interests.”

The Audience Insights apparatus will permit you to see the demographics of the audience you picked (in the event that you picked your site visitors audience, you’ll see their demographics).

Click on the “Page Likes” tab, & you’ll see what Facebook pages your selected audience follows.


There’s a ton of buzz in Facebook marketing community about Lookalike (LAL) audience. Anyway, what is their magic?

It’s a stunning method to progressively target good quality audience.
The two key criteria for choosing the right source for your lookalike are source crowd size & quality.

For instance, Utilize your newsletter list as a hotspot for your Lookalike audience if you have a newsletter list of 10,000 individuals yet you just have 100 sales up until this point.

In circumstances when you have a decent volume of sales information (500+ emails), the list of past customers will be a stunning hotspot for your Lookalike audience.

Some good sources of Lookalike audiences include:

  • Previous customers
  • Newsletter signups
  • Facebook followers
  • Frequent website visitors
  • Frequent video viewers

You can likewise pull information from your BigCommerce Insights reports like Best Customers & top Customer LTV Value to make Lookalike audience with a high likelihood of converting.

How To Create a Lookalike Audience:

Prepare a list of individuals you wish to use for the lookalike.

  • Go to the Hamburger menu in the upper right corner.
  • Go to Assets > Audiences.
  • Click Create a Lookalike Audience button.
  • Select your source (the list of individuals you prepared).
  • Select your location(s).
  • Select your audience size.
  • Click Create Audience button.

Did you realize that you can create lookalike from your audience telephone numbers as well as emails?


In order to make a superior targeted Lookalike audience, Facebook currently permits you to feed the Lifetime Value of the client into its framework. This implies that While creating the Lookalike, individuals who spend more on your site will be given a priority.


You can limit your audience by overlaying your targeting to track down an exact audience match.

For example:

  • For a wedding flower specialist, you can pick females only, who are engaged & who follow various wedding              magazines.
  • A decent test might be to focus on all moms for a kids style garments brand who ALSO follow major online            retailers or habitually shop on the web.

Warm Traffic Campaigns

Presently we should take a gander at the retargeting campaigns. Retargeting campaigns are the substantial lifters of your account. At the least expensive cost per conversion, they will in general bring the most outcomes.

These campaigns target individuals who are now acquainted with your brand or potential offer & need slightly additional motivating force to commit.

An example of the motivating force could be an inspiring testimonial, discount or limited time offer.

Here are some retargeting audience ideas:

  • Most continuous visitors (for example 25% of individuals who visited your site).
  • People who visited specific pages.
  • People who saw your page’s videos on Facebook.
  • People who engaged in with any of your posts & ads.
  • People who joined to your newsletter downloaded your free digital book or finished some other conversion              goal.
  • A custom list uploaded from your BigCommerce store (for example clients, newsletter subscribers etc.)


Set up a cart abandonment capaign in Facebook to target individuals who visited your

Shopping cart page. We prescribe offering them a little discount to persuade them to finish the buy.

It’s essential to test different sorts of offers & creative on your remarketing campaigns to augment your ROI on ads.

Test video ads (testimonials, product tours, message from the proprietor/founder), carousel ads (showing the scope of items accessible or showing features), ads with discounts, more.

You definitely realize that this audience is pre-qualified & has certain information on your item/service.

Understanding what trigger causes them to commit & make the buy is at last what will make your campaign a triumph.

Tracking and Measuring Results

By following these instructions need to set up your Facebook pixel on your BigCommerce website.


Copy your Facebook Pixel ID to the Facebook Pixel Tab in the BigCommerce Control Panel.

Your store will naturally begin tracking buys & add-to-carts point when you have BigCommerce & Facebook connected.

You need to set up custom conversions events if might want to run newsletter sign-up campaigns, offer free guides, or track some other sorts of conversions.

You can do this by going to Custom Conversions & determining the affirmation URL that is after the lead submission page.

Testing and Optimization.

We covered every one of the fundamental parts of campaign targeting.

Presently it’s an ideal opportunity to take a look at structuring the campaigns. Separate your campaigns by message & purpose while you are setting them up. For instance, if you offer a discount code for abandon carts, those ads ought to be in their own separate campaigns.

Likewise split your retargeting & cold traffic & change the ad design & content to address the audience’s requirements.

Example of Ray-Ban generating awareness around a new store opening.

Giant Teddy remarketing to visitors who abandoned cart.

For cold traffic audience, it’s smarter to be more illustrative & focus on presenting the product, rather than remarketing, which can be more direct sales oriented.

Cold Traffic Campaign Structure.

To test variety of target audience, set up a couple of campaigns.

By testing the following campaigns components, you can optimize your campaigns:

  • Conversion event. The action you need your visitor to take.
  • Optimization for ad conveyance. Pick how you need ads to be conveyed, for example, optimized for clicks,              conversions, or everyday exceptional reach.
  • Conversion window. 1-day or 7-day conversion window post-click or view.

Start by isolating every audience into separate advertisement sets & utilize similar ads for every one of those ad sets.

This way you can see which audience perform better for your offer, as well as adjust a spend to focus on more effective audience.

You can test different sorts of ads or copy when you realize your best performing audience.

Testing ad copy either in separate ad sets (like audience tests) or in independent campaign assists you with seeing any conceivable correlation between the audience & ad types.

What amount would it be advisable for you to spend on ad tests?

Burning through 2-3 times the target cost per conversion, per ad set Is a decent general guideline for testing.

Spend in at least $20-30 for every advertisement set prior to making your first optimizations (or turning off underperforming promotion sets) if you are expecting a conversion cost of $10 per event to ensure you assemble sufficient performance information.

Remarketing Traffic Campaign Structure.

Your retargeting audience campaign structure can be fundamentally the same as your cold traffic campaign.

This setup will assist you with learning the best sort of remarketing audience for your item & will likewise help you test different creative’s.

By changing & updating ads, & utilizing burn pixels remarketing cookies, prevent your retargeting effort from wearing out.

After launch, the new retargeting campaigns perform incredibly well however it gradually dies with time.

The fundamental justification it is something many refer to as cold “frequency”.

This is the number any person in your selected audience has seen the advertisement. The higher the frequency, the less changes of an individual to make an action.

Pivot the ads & mix up various sorts of creative’s in order to keep your offer new & campaign performing admirably.

You can do this by switching different ads on & off inside the ad sets, or by running numerous campaigns with different creatives.

By clicking “Performance” in your campaign view, you can check your frequency.

What do you do if your campaign doesn’t spend its whole every day financial plan?

Take a stab at changing optimization settings (from conversion to clicks) or have a go at setting up a higher manual bid rather than an automatic one.

Bonus Ideas for Your Facebook Ad Campaigns

In order to find what resonated with your particular audience, testing is the way. The following are some extra strategies to test with your audience to improve your sales & income.

Digital products selling tips & ideas.

  • Focus on list building. To gather prospects emails, particularly for cold traffic, offer free guides or other lead            magnets. This way you can support your leads through email just as Facebook ads, which might be a more            cost effective method of selling this sort of item.
  • Focus the greater part of your direct sales on retargeting audience.
  • Test selling through web based training & online webinars.
  • Test bundle offers & selling numerous products without a moment’s delay. This will help you increase cost per        sale.
  • Test coupon codes for retargeting audience. These discounts don’t need to be enormous. Remember the                discount isn’t only the value offer yet additionally goes about as a psychological trigger.
  • As they definitely know how incredible your products are, Retarget past clients. We as a whole need recurring          business, which makes these individuals your best audience. Big Commerce’s customer insights reports                  recognizes these top clients – and more – so you can re-engage them with new offers & exciting items.

Brick and mortar selling tips & ideas.

  • Test awareness campaigns, focusing on individuals in your neighborhood. You need your brand to be                        effectively recognizable & top of mind. This will support the quantity of walk-ins & assist your actual store                with flourishing.
  • Offer online coupons that are redeemable in your actual store. These coupons can be synced with your stock,        utilizing a service like Square POS, to keep your online & offline deals up-to-date.
  • Promote events & in-store specials. To advance in your nearby local area, this can be an extraordinary                      campaign, just as an approach to re-engage your retargeting traffic & past clients.
  • If the look & feel of your ads is steady with the air in your store it will guarantee your brand is effectively                    recognizable & will make a moment connection in your prospects mind.

Congrats! Now you are authoritatively a Facebook targeting expert.

We covered a great deal of information in this section, including:

  • Various kinds of audience
  • What messages to choose
  • How to run your tests
  • How to amplify the outcomes in your campaigns.

To summarize, if you need to carry out certain things straight away, we suggest you start with a remarketing campaign.

It will give your bottom line a prompt lift & will excite you about Facebook advertisements much more!

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