Beginner’s Guide: Solo Ads & Client Responsiveness

Today, with the help of online marketing, there are countless ways in which you can market your business.
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Today, with the help of online marketing, there are countless ways in which you can market your business.

The most widely used marketing strategies are pay per-click (PPC), native advertising, search engine optimization & display advertising.

But, have you heard about solo email advertisements? Not sure what solo email ads are?

Solo email ads can be an incredible addition to your advertising portfolio so read on as we’re about to cover a portion of the significant basics for you.

What Are Solo Email Ads?

A one-time email blast sent on behalf of another party to their own email list, typically for a fee is known as Solo email ad. Ordinarily this is a flat fee or performance based.

A list that has effectively been constructed by another person, is referred as the “Quick List”. This isn’t equivalent to buying an email list where you get the email & contact information of individuals.

The individual or the organization that you are paying, owns the “being emailed to” list that is made. In this case, you don’t have the access to their list.

You would only be providing the email copy, that you want to appear in the email, to the sender. Sometimes, the sender may choose to edit your copy or write their own.

Now, that you know what solo ads are, it is time to dive into some details.

Should You Buy Solo Ads?

The first thing that would pop up in your mind is, “Should I buy solo ads”?

Well, there are some key questions you need to ask yourself before blasting out emails to countless people.

Questions like:

  • How responsive is the list? Has the list owner blasted it too many times and now it has dismal open rates?
  • Does the list contain prospects of your optimal target audience? Odds are they will not be keen on what your         email has to say if the list isn’t focused on or related with your audience.
  • Do you have legitimate tracking set up? You need to be setup to follow these initiatives to know whether you            are getting what you are paying.
  • What does my profit from investment should be to make this great? You’ll have to understand what objectives        should be met to ensure you won’t lose more than you invest

I’ve found that that these are among the most important questions that must consistently be answered. There are certainly other inquiries as well that may be specific to your circumstance.

Solo Ad List Responsiveness

Let us now discuss the Solo Ad List & the engagement you can get by using it.

Solo ads “wow” you with the possibility to contact a huge audience. Most solo ads will simply tell you the number of individuals that are in the list. What’s more significant is how active the list is with the emails they get whereas the size of the list is also important.

Odds are that there will be a low engagement in that list if you’re buying solo ads from an individual who blasts messages each day for everything without exception. Only a small percentage will be focusing on any email coming from that sender out of the huge number of individuals in that list.

Result? You won’t be able to reach out to thousands of people – In fact, you might just reach a fraction of what was actually promised.

If possible, ask the sender about their typical open rates.

Subject lines play a huge role in generating opens. It’s not always the responsibility of the sender. In fact, 33% of people say that subject lines determine whether or not they will open an email.

Finding the Right Audience For Solo Ads

It is important to ensure that you are messaging the correct audience that would be interested in your business & would get engaged.

Consider this, would you discuss the top backyard landscaping tips to individuals who are apartment proprietors?
Certainly not, because they wouldn’t be interested at all.

So. with solo ads, you need to know not only your target audience but the audience of the list you will be emailing.

Highly reputed solo ad providers can give you a smart idea of the demographics of their list. While purchasing solo ads, make sure to get these details from another person if the supplier isn’t providing you with this valuable information.

You need to assess if it will be worthy of your time & cash, once you have recognized a list that has your potential audience in it.

Setting Up Your Solo Ads For Success

Everything should be tracked in the digital marketing world & this includes your solo ads as well. It is very important for you to track the data yourself, although, some solo ad providers will supply you with their own data.

This can easily be done with Google Analytics.

UTM parameters in your URLs of the solo ads, is the ideal method to do this. Tags that can get passed to your analytics account with some detailed information are UTM parameters that work in Google analytics.

For example, your URL might look something like this:

While using UTM, there are 3 required fields

  • utm_source – Source of the traffic is identified by using UTM source
  • utm_medium – this is the medium that the link was on (email, CPC, etc.)
  • utm_campaign – Labeling the campaign can be done through this, where the link was marketed (for this                 situation, it may be the website you bought the solo ad from)

Remember, UTM parameters are case sensitive. So, be consistent with your naming conventions.

Have the option to tie your initiatives back to sales but first you’ll need to use these URLs in your solo ads campaign. Obviously, you will need ensure to have Goal Tracking set up in Google Analytics.

In order to know whether solo ads are great for your business, a proper tracking system will help you. It is also important to stay on top of your metrics, particularly after you’ve begun a solo email.

Know Your Break-even Point With Solo Ads

You do understand what your normal profit from investment is, with any investment you make in your business. You would prefer not to spend more money than you will make – that is not the most ideal approach to maintain a business.

Suppose you track down a solo ad with 1,000 emails & it costs you $1,000. This means that you will spend $1 for each email that goes out. For instance, the expected conversion rate of 1/2% is the low-end outcome that you have perceived as the worst-case scenario. So, this implies that from this list of 1,000 emails, you anticipate to get 5 sales.

This would prompt an expense of $200 per sale with your $1000 investment. To break-even the initial investment you would have to have a product or service that will generate $200 per sale.

Assuming your average sale is $500, this specific list would be worth a potential investment. On the other hand, this list would not work out for you, if your typical sale is $50.

You can expand your normal conversion rate & re-run the numbers, if you are sure that you can compose a convincing email headline & an engaging content that will drive individuals to your site to buy.

Whenever you are exploring solo ad opportunities, you have to have a smart thought of what your conversion rate is & settle on more wise choices.

To break even the initial investment you would just have to make at least $50 per sale, if you find that your solo ad campaigns are driving a 2% conversion rate.

With a 2% conversion rate, you could make $4000 in sales, if you are selling a $200 offering. Deduct your $1000 investment & you would be left with a $3000 profit.

Now, that sounds cool!

If you get efficient with solo ads, it’s just like printing money. To evaluate the return of your investment, just be sure you have the tools.

Knowing Solo Ad Basics Can Go A Long Way

You can get better & better on your methodology, if you understand the core basics of solo ads. You get settled on brilliant business choices when you realize what to search for, how to track it & how to evaluate your return.

There are countless shady solo ads suppliers out there – however, there are some truly extraordinary ones. You can filter out the trash & track down the correct provider for your solo ads, if you understand the fundamentals.

You can place yourself in a superior situation to settle on the correct choices by posing the correct inquiries & executing appropriate tracking.

Keen on using solo ads?


Are you searching for an approach to check the effectiveness before you begin?

Now, we’re talking! Kudos to you on that.

It is vital to understand how well solo ads perform financially & Click Perfect gives the insights you need to assess your success. This tool will assist you to learn the advantage of sending a solo ad list & client responsiveness.

Good Luck!

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