5 Top Strategies to Boost Your Business through LinkedIn Stories

An Instagram story is seen by more than 500 million people every day whereas one-third of the views are related to business. In this way, people use Instagram stories to flourish their businesses.
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Learn to promote your business using LinkedIn stories.

30-second summary:
  • You can create a video of 20 seconds & host it on your profile by using Linkedln.
  • The main purpose of Linkedln is that it will help you to have a quick conversation & strengthen your                            relationship.
  • This feature is a good way for brands to share a behind-the-scenes of their professional moments.
  • This feature is promoted among those people who are actively involved in online communities. It helps them          to build good relationships with followers.
  • This feature has been introduced in a few countries and will be introduced to a new country every week.

Did you know? 

An Instagram story is seen by more than 500 million people every day whereas one-third of the views are related to business. In this way, people use Instagram stories to flourish their businesses.

Similarly, Linkedln stories allow you to upload a 20 seconds video which the people can see for an entire day and help you boost your business.

Pete Davies, The head Consumer Products at Linkedln said;‘’…stories spread for a good reason: they offer a lightweight, fun way to share an update without it having to be perfect or attached to your profile forever.

Firstly, what are Instagram stories & why should you use them?

Are they any different than the story feature from other popular social networking platforms?

Well yes, through LinkedIn Stories, you will have a platform to demonstrate & interact with your audience in a way they are familiar with.

What are Linkedln Stories?

The videos or images of Linkedln Stories disappears after a full day since it was last posted. It runs for 20 seconds which can be seen by the audience for 24 hours.

Linkedln Stories are more or less the same as the stories that we see on Instagram, Facebook & Snapchat. The users can also add stickers, ask questions (AMA), place text overlays, use @mention to credit, or introduce other LinkedIn accounts.

The Linkedln Stories have been introduced in selective countries like the Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, Brazil & Australia. However, this feature will be introduced in a new country after every few weeks.

In 2006, Facebook used centralized news feed but now the social media has made a symbolic evolution so the users prefer to use the story feature to share their moments instead of posting it on their feeds.

Over the past few years people have been posting more stories & it has been confirmed by a recent study as shown above.

33% of the users now post less on their feed than they used to in 2016.

What benefits does this give to business?

This feature will help you to share information with your professionally-associated followers (LinkedIn connects). This might feel difficult to carve a name for your brand.

However, you can change your vision into a creative new opportunity to grow your business.

Benefits of Linkedln Stories
The stories features is same even if it is for different channels.
As Linkedln stories are mainly used in business context so instead of sharing lifestyle tips with relatives & friends, the brands & marketers can share their stories with future prospects. This can easily help the business to grow.

The studies show that the users are preferring to use stories feature as it helps them to reach a larger audience. However, this feature cannot fully replace the Linkedln feed post.

This method of promotion helps the users to take a look at the insights of the business. This is really helpful for company owners, entrepreneurs & businessmen who want to build good relationships with customers & future clients.

A recent study shows that 25% of people on Instagram swipe up when they see a branded post & so, LinkedIn Stories offer the most powerful opportunity for interaction.

Similarly, Linkedln stories will have the same feature & will be used for business networking. However, at first your stories might not help to sale but it will help you gain attention of your customers. You will be able to communicate with people to make promotions.

For instance, through Instagram stories 50% of businesses over the world make at least one story every month that helps to promote their brand or product. If you use the right strategy, you can easily make a buzz around your brand.

Five strategies to promote your business through LinkedIn Stories

The stories feature feels like something is entirely dedicated to the consumer: On the contrary, if you look at it a little closer, you will see how this feature can help B2B companies connect with each other to build engaging relationships.

If you have already used the stories feature of other networking platform, you will easily be able to use Linkedln stories feature as soon as it is available for everyone.

The five ways you can use this feature are given below;

1. Share Real-time Activities

  • Linkdeln stories can only be seen for a day which makes it ideal for communication.
  • To keep your followers in touch, you should keep on sharing the real-time events.
  • You can share award ceremonies, or a glimpse of the event in the form of live story.
  • Another way to make your brand grow is to request event coordinators & speakers to share some information        about a new product or feature a BTS in store.

2. Share Customer Testimonial Stories

In today’s world, you trust other people’s advice more than any other information of content marketing. That’s why the user reviews are a powerful tool for marketing. The consumers will look for vendors that have the products they want.

Another way for gaining attention is by recording a short film & posting it on Linkedln story. They will be searching for goods & services that can make professional work easier.

3. Share Business Tips & Updates

The best way your business can be promoted is by the word of mouth. If you post a story about your brand or a teaser of an upcoming product, your followers will view that story & will definitely share it with other people.

4. Share Trending News or Announcements

This stories feature is a great way to post your brand news. If your brand is one of those who has used the linkedln stories feature first then you will be able to get a huge amount of airtime with your linkedln followers.

5. Host Corporate Q&As

Just like the Instagram stories, the Linkdeln stories feature allows you to show behind-the-scenes which gives you a chance to tell your followers how dedicated you are towards your business.

Another way to build loyal relations with your customers is to host a Q&A session.

You can also request your followers to submit questions before hand through direct messaging or via conventional Linkedln feed post.

The do(s) & don’t(s) of Linkedln Stories

Linkedln stories help you in promoting interaction, learning about your audience & improving the business so it is important to start your story with a positive mindset.

Do Spend Time Building a Strategy

Think about every tiny detail that makes the brand’s wider content marketing.

Keep in view that which kind of subjects & press do your followers enjoy? Do you produce new content only for stories or reuse them from other platforms?

Do Relate to Followers

People desire real connections from businesses so the best way to strengthen your brand’s mission, vision & values is to share more information about yourself than the brand.

Don’t be too casual

Before posting anything on your story make sure they are related to your brand. Don’t post anything that you might feel bad about it later.

Example of Ray-Ban generating awareness around a new store opening.


If you have a vacancy at your company or you’re releasing a commodity, marketing on this platform would undoubtedly be a very strong move. If you are satisfied with Instagram’s story feature then others who will adopt the new LinkedIn feature before you will certainly have an edge.

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