The Ultimate Facebook Ad Template Library

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Copy & Paste These 6 Proven Facebook Ad Campaigns To Create Low-Cost, High-Converting Ads On-Demand...

6 of our HIGHEST CONVERTING Facebook Ads we’ve run to date — PLUS a breakdown of why each ad is successful

The 11-word ad netted $208,485 in sales using one simple principle of buyer persuasion that works in ANY market

The “You Forgot” reminder trick that brings in new customers and leads…AFTER they’ve already said NO to your offer!

The “Use ___?” question formula drives down click costs and sharply increases conversions.

Our Top Lead Gen ad generated a combined 110,422 leads and counting…

When we need to quickly come up with new Facebook ads, these are the ‘templates’ the Pow-media team uses to create them. Download them and use them… they work!

– Glenn P Burgess, Founder of New Pow Media