Amazing Marketing Tools for All Stages of Your Sales Funnel

This Sales Funnel Explained series is for business owners who want to know how to build leads & clients. There is a strategy to increasing sales & the Sales Funnel gives a structure to accomplishing that objective.
Glenn Burgess

Glenn Burgess

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Table of Contents

This Sales Funnel Explained series is for business owners who want to know how to build leads & clients. There is a strategy to increasing sales & the Sales Funnel gives a structure to accomplishing that objective.

The Sales Funnel Explained series in 3 sections:

  1. The Stages of the Funnel
  2. The Marketing Tools for each stage of the funnel
  3. The Marketing Messages for each stage of the funnel

The Marketing Tools for each Stage of the Funnel

As you can imagine, various devices have an alternate purpose so it is essential to coordinate the correct apparatus to the correct stage of the funnel so it meets the planned purpose.

What is a Marketing Tool?

A marketing tool is any activity, methodology, application or programming used to create & advance a business, its items & additionally benefits. An illustration of advertising tool incorporate however are not restricted to:

  • websites, sales pages, landing pages
  • email marketing campaigns, their apps & providers
  • promotional materials such as flyers, ads, brochures, signage, banners
  • online & offline marketing activities such as Google & Facebook Ads
  • lead magnets such as eBooks, training videos, webinars, consult calls
  • social media sites & campaigns
  • market research surveys & focus groups.

Knowing your Goal determines the Tool

Monitoring your objective for each stage causes you distinguish the best marketing tool to utilize. The following is a review of the phases of the funnel & the objective for each:

  1. Top of Funnel: the main stage is tied in with attracting traffic – you will probably assist them with getting mindful of your business, brand & offering.
  2. Middle of Funnel: in the second stage the objective is lead generation – utilizing tools to gather contact data so you can keep building up the relationship.
  3. Bottom of Funnel: in the third stage you are nurturing clients – by this stage they are indicating a real interest in the thing you are offering so the objective is to support them towards a buy.

Let’s take a look at every one of the stages in more detail

TOP: Brand Awareness

Keep in mind, at the highest point of the funnel you are speaking with individuals who may not have a clue about your business. They have a problem that necessities addressing, & you have the solution.

So, the advertising devices that you will use in this stage should interest a “chilly crowd” by being non-compromising & non-invasive.

Normally, “Brand Awareness” is the core interest. You can do this amazingly well through videos that are shown through Facebook Ads & Google Ads.

Moreover, applying search engine optimization (SEO) on site pages or blog entries that associate your answer for the “looked” issue is additionally successful.

For instance, the potential client types into Google what their concern is, & you need your site or your blog entry to come on top of the list items – that is the place where optimizing your site for good indexed lists becomes possibly the most important factor.

MIDDLE: Lead Generation

When potential clients arrive at the Middle of the Funnel you are currently working with a “warm audience” who are presently mindful of your business & that you offer an answer they may be keen on.

Preferably, you currently need to know who these individuals are by approaching the contact data in whichever format you want to communicate through (email, telephone, mail).

The manner in which you can catch this data is by offering a “lead magnet” which you pass on for nothing (or at a low cost) in return for their contact subtleties. typical lead magnets include:

  • PDF eBooks
  • training videos
  • live training webinars
  • access to an email series on a certain topic
  • a handy guide or how-to about the certain topic

There are various tools that can be utilized to accomplish this, & the best instrument for you will fluctuate depending upon your specific procedure, audience & price point. A portion of the basic tools in this stage are:

  • A landing page with a lead contact form
  • Retargeting advertisements
  • A Facebook Ad utilizing Facebook’s built-in lead form
  • A Google Ad that connects to a landing page with a lead contact form
  • Booking software, for example, Calendly to plan counsel/sales calls
  • Mailchimp or ConvertKit (or other email advertising supplier) to store the lead contact data

BOTTOM: Customer Nurturing

When your potential client has traveled through the “brand awareness” stage & they have burned through the center of the funnel, trading their contact data with you – they are presently a PRSOPECT. They have moved from cold to warm to now being a hot audience.

Additionally, they have progressed from being a stranger, to a colleague to (toward the finish of this stage) a companion. They have:

  • done their research;
  • they have received various communications from you & like you;
  • they have decided that you are the number one option & (hopefully) they want to make a purchase

You have now caught their email address & can speak with them. Presently your point is to make “the buy” of the main item/service you need to sell as the ideal answer for their concern.

Typical marketing tools to help you achieve this include:

  • Sales pages on your site about the particular item/service
  • Call to action buttons on email signatures & website pages
  • Auto responder email marketing campaigns
  • Facebook Messenger chats & bots
  • Facebook & Google Ad retargeting & tripwires (ease section buys).

The Last Word

Realizing which tools will work in your specific circumstance will rely upon various variables including:

  • the type of audience
  • your product/service offering
  • the price point of your main offer
  • your budget & other factors

There are always new frameworks being tested that do work for most but not for all. So, keep trying until you find the best-fit solution.

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