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Restrict Content Access

Control who can see your content… With POW’S discussion boards, you can create member-only content for a premium experience.

You can share some content with the public while limiting other content to different membership levels. This serves as an incentive to get more members to subscribe to your membership plans.

Easy Moderation

Limit who can reply to your content & approve comments before they get posted… POW gives you full control over your forum.

You can control who sees what content and control spam by approving comments before they get posted.

Multiple Content Streams

Create multiple boards… Create multiple boards for different topics. Keep your members engaged for longer periods with quality content on various areas of interest

Share Media

Share pictures, videos, and other media files with your community…

Embed pictures and youtube videos into the posts on your discussion boards. You can also share other file types as attachments that your members can download.

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