LinkedIn Post Inspector: Guide & Usage Tips
Discover the LinkedIn Post Inspector: your essential tool for optimising content. Learn how to wield its power effectively!
Glenn Burgess
Glenn Burgess

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On LinkedIn, you don’t want to make mistakes. It’s bad if your post has mistakes like spelling errors or the wrong picture or text showing up when people see it. This makes your post useless and can make people trust your brand less.

But there’s a solution! The LinkedIn Post Inspector is a great tool that helps you make sure your posts look good. You can check how your posts will appear before you publish them.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to use the Post Inspector and why it’s important.

You’ll learn:

  • What the LinkedIn Post Inspector is and how it works
  • What links you can check with it
  • When and why to use the Post Inspector
  • How to use it in real life

Introducing the LinkedIn Post Inspector, also known as the LinkedIn Debugging Tool

It’s surprising how few people know about it, but the LinkedIn Post Inspector is a free tool on the platform that can make sure your posts are set up for success.

LinkedIn Post Inspector

If you’re busy making lots of LinkedIn content, you really need this tool. It helps you make sure your posts look right when you share links on LinkedIn. It checks:

  • The image that shows up with your link
  • The title of your post
  • Other details

This way, your posts catch people’s attention like they should.

Plus, it helps you find and fix mistakes. You can use the LinkedIn Post Inspector to spot broken links or images. By catching these mistakes early, you save yourself from looking silly and make sure your posts work right.

To sum up, here’s how to use LinkedIn Post Inspector:

  • Make your content better for LinkedIn by finding what’s missing and adding it.
  • Update your content’s info if it’s changed recently.
  • Fix problems and learn more about how LinkedIn shows your content.

Does LinkedIn Inspector Accept Any Links?

Yes, LinkedIn Post Inspector accepts all types of links that you can share on the platform. This includes links to your blog, other LinkedIn posts, your website, YouTube videos, and more. When you use it, you’ll see previews of the video thumbnail and other details like:

  • Video title
  • Type of content
  • Thumbnail image
  • Author
  • Publish date
  • Description
  • And more

You can even use it to check someone else’s LinkedIn post if you’re planning to share or repost it.

Why Use LinkedIn Post Inspector?

Why use LinkedIn Post Inspector in the first place? If you’ve just updated your content, like a listicle post, LinkedIn Post Inspector can tell you when LinkedIn last updated the info about it.

Let’s say you added new stuff to your blog post. You want LinkedIn to show the latest version. Plus, you can ask LinkedIn to check again and update the info about your content.

You can also click on a post property to learn more about why it was chosen or how to make LinkedIn pick the info you want.

How To Use LinkedIn Post Inspector

Let’s break down how to practically use the LinkedIn Post Inspector.

 1. Go to LinkedIn Post Inspector: Visit the tool’s page.

2. Enter URL and Inspect: Put any link in the box and click “Inspect.”

3. Review the Preview: You’ll see a detailed preview breakdown of your post.

For example, if you’re sharing an article, here’s what you might see:

  • Thumbnail is missing
  • Last scrape was just a few seconds ago
  • URL trail is successful
  • Meta data like headline and description are accurate
  • No publication date found

4. How to Use the Tool:

  • Optimise your content for better LinkedIn engagement by fixing any missing data.
  • Refresh LinkedIn’s data about your page by rescraping it if you’ve updated your content.
  • Debug any issues by understanding how LinkedIn reads your content’s metadata.

Once you’ve done all this, your URL is ready to share on LinkedIn!


In summary, the LinkedIn Post Inspector is a must-have tool for marketers and content creators. It’s free and helps you check and fix your post’s metadata to ensure it looks professional on LinkedIn.

It only takes a few seconds to analyse your URL with the Post Inspector, and if you’re serious about growing your audience on LinkedIn, it’s highly recommended to use this tool before sharing your content.

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