How POW Increased its Mailing List by 650%

Are you worried that your next product launch won’t bring the sales you’d like because your list is too small?
Glenn Burgess
Glenn Burgess

Glenn P Burgess Author, Speaker - UK's No1 Fintech & SaaS Marketing expert.

Ready to get started & launch?  Let’s find out how he did it…

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Are you putting off launching new products or services, just because you can focus on building a much larger email marketing list first?
Are you worried that your next product launch just won’t deliver you the Sales you’d like… because your customer list is just far too small?

Don’t. In the detailed case study below, we’ll learn how Glenn Burgess of quickly increased the size of our  own email list by over 650% using OptinMonster & then confidently launched a whole new product.

Meet Glenn Burgess 

Glenn Burgess from helps Airbnb hosts understand how to make their listings stand out and get booked. He also sells products and consulting teaching hosts how to increase the profit received from each listing.

Before using OptinMonster, Glenn received only about 400 email list signups each year. He realized that in order to increase both product and consulting sales, he needed to focus on building a larger email list.

How POW Uses OptinMonster

With years of experience working for Airbnb and running an Airbnb management company, Glenn certainly has the authority to know what works and what doesn’t in that industry.

….Glenn decided to use his experience to craft a lead magnet.

A lead magnet is a free, “valuable piece of content” offered in exchange for someones email address.

Need ideas for your lead magnet?
Here are 69 highly effective lead magnets you can use to grow your email list.

Glenn’s lead magnet shared the top three mistakes Airbnb hosts make when listing their property, and how to correct those mistakes.

This lightbox optin displays only when the visitor attempts to exit the site using our Exit-intent technology. Exit-intent triggers an optin only when the visitor’s mouse motions towards the browser, an indicator they’re about to leave the site.

There are three primary tactics you can use to boost conversions from abandoning visitors:

  1. Scarcity:  Let your readers know that your offer is limited, typically by quantity.
  2. Urgency:  Encourage your visitor to act quickly before the offer expires.
  3. Curiosity: Peak the reader’s interest by hinting at a revelation or transformation.

Glenn used curiosity to capture the abandoning visitor’s attention with the copy “3 Biggest Mistakes Most Airbnb Hosts Are Making” and it worked. This optin converts approx. 3.82% of abandoning site visitors.
On some specific pages, it even converts as many as 31% of abandoning visitors!

After seeing such success from the lead magnet, Glenn wanted to make sure every visitor saw an offer to join his email list.

He added a floating bar optin that runs along the full width of the bottom of the website.

It appears after the visitor has been on the site for at least five seconds and shows the readers two buttons.

The button that reads “Yes, I Want Access” immediately reveals an email subscription form. The No button simply closes the optin. This is done using Yes/No feature, which replaces the standard optin form with two buttons. Either button can either reveal the optin form, redirect to another URL, or close the optin.

The floating bar optin converts approx. 2.27% of site visitors and added over 1,200 subscribers in just over six months. 

Once Glenn was able to use OptinMonster to add subscribers to his list, he decided to test using it to drive sales directly.

Smartbnb automates the listing prices and reservation requests of an Airbnb. Glenn receives a small commission from Smartbnb for any customers referred from his site. On Glenn’s page reviewing Smartbnb, he added a slide in optin with a bonus offer for anyone who starts a Smartbnb free trial through his site.

This optin converts approx. 15% of visitors.

The more Glenn used OptinMonster to direct visitors’ attention to the products and services he recommends, the more sales increased. Before using OptinMonster, he would make 15-20 sales per month of these ancillary products and services. After using OptinMonster, he now receives around 30 sales each month.

That’s an average 66% increase in sales each month.

With a robust email list now in place, Glenn felt prepared to launch his own book, Optimize Your Airbnb. It’s filled with advanced strategies for the Airbnb host wanting to take their income, guest experience, and hospitality to the next level.

He uses OptinMonster on the book’s website, too.

Customers who purchase the book from a third-party seller are given access to bonuses, shared via link in the book itself. When readers visit the link, the full screen optin below appears.

The optin above converts 65.85% of buyers. Bringing customers to his own site this way lets Glenn continue building a list of converted buyers, even if he can’t access the email addresses of those buyers directly from the third-party seller.

Glenn had great things to say about his experience using OptinMonster,

The user experience is top notch. It’s an easy system to learn, but when you are running a business and trying to learn 10+ softwares, it’s nice to just have the experts to take care of some tasks on your behalf. This service pays for itself 10x every month at least.


POW used OptinMonster to add subscribers to his list and drive product sales.

  • POW added 1500 subscribersto its list in six months.
  • POW increased its email list by 650%.
  • POW increased sales 66%.


OptinMonster has been an abolute pleasure to work with.  It was honestly like magic. It took 30 minutes to setup a campaign and ka-POW!!!!!  …emails started coming in. Since beginning to use OptinMonster, we’ve received about 1500 subscribers in just over six months.

Not only does the service pay for itself in more sales every month, but the customer service is expert.

Glenn Burgess,

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