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2X Revenue & Profits in 9 months: From £1.2M to £2.4M with no sweat

European Bar School provide training for people who seek to become bartenders, which is a unique market they’re operating in.
Their market target was: 18 – 21 year olds in Scandinavian countries.
When we started working with them, the challenge was…

The Challenge

To skyrocket the sales of a Swedish Bar School (EBS) by identifying any inefficiencies in their marketing.

  • Identify the customer avatar
  • Identify any leaks in messaging
  • Come up with a smart solution that can take the business from $1.2M to $2.4M
  • Bartender School

What was the issue?

With POW now on board, it took very little until the main factor responsible for stagnating the growth of the company was found – messaging.
The bar school took pride in being the most ‘’professional’’ bar school. Their slogan – ‘’Work Hard, Spirit and Soul’’. This even used to be written on their walls
After careful analysis, POW suggested that the potential clients would not be that keen on the idea of ‘’working hard’’. They would resonate more with the idea of travel and party.
Also, we found out that 75% of the students never went on to become bartenders. Not only that, but we also discovered that the £1,500 was usually paid for by their parents.

The £1.2M Answer

We changed the message to cater mainly to the people who would want fun, party, and travel. Also, we increased the age range. Now it was like a ‘Club 18-30 experience’. Results? Night and day difference.
The new message was now revolving around the next sentence.
Come and enjoy an exciting Adventure. Get an opportunity to Have the “Experience of a lifetime” & to make friends for life – all in a fun environment… while learning to be a Bar tender.
And it was a power move. From ‘Work Hard’ to ‘Providing you with a reason to travel’. People loved it.

Solution Part 1

Online ads, Remarketing, And Online Experience

Getting people to pay £1,500 for the course would have been a bit of a hard sell unless the participants were familiar with what the course was really going to offer.
So, in order to ease them in, we created trial days, where they would come and experience in real person the laughs, jokes and the continuous party that the course was going to offer.

These ‘Bartending Experiences’ were organised monthly. When people would attend, they were shown videos of the exotic destinations they were going to go once enrolled. Also, they got to see good looking past students speaking about their experience.

Local location where we were running our workshops

Our founder Glenn is infamous for saying: Gorillas want bananas. These people were longing for a holiday and fun, and we were pre-framing the idea that they could have the best one with us as well as becoming a bartender.

Solution Part 2

1.We have rebuilt their website in a way that was screaming – Travel and Fun (see image on the right). We have also built landing pages to capture leads.
2.Through our Video Production company, Pow Video, we created promotional videos of the best school destinations – London, Greece, and Thailand. The videos got spread amongst prospects like wildfire.

Lead Generation

We then open the traffic floodgates. We sent traffic to the landing pages from 5 sources: telemarketing, email marketing, PPC advertising, events, social media. As you can imagine, we got many eyeballs. However, many people are lost on the first touch point with the brand. So we set up remarketing campaigns that brought the majority of people back to the EBS landing pages, inviting them to our workshops.
Please see below the summary of the campaign.

The Results

With our help, EBS went from £1.2M to £2.4 in revenue in just under 9 months (April 2011 to Dec 2011).
We are proud we managed to double EBS’s revenue and profits.

Remarketing Banner Created By Pow

By doubling profits, EBS was able to open many other locations around the world. Under POW’s marketing and guidance, European Bar School became the world’s biggest bar school, having venues in Las Vegas, New Zealand, Canada, etc.
EBS is not the largest bar school, with schools all around the world.

Amsterdam, Bad Gastein, Barcelona, Berlin, Cape Town, Copenhagen, Dublin, Jalisco , Kos, London, Madrid, Mallorca ,Miami, Milan, New York, Paris, Phuket, Rome, Speyside, Stockholm, Sydney, Vienna, Etc…


Needless to say, the owners of European Bar School love us. Click here to see what they say about us.

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